• Alisha Mancinas

Finding the BEST senior living referral agency

When you and your family decide together that it’s time for a loved one to move into an assisted living community or a retirement home, consider working with a senior living referral agency such as ours.

Senior living referral agencies match you with appropriate retirement homes and assisted living or memory care communities in your desired area. Typically, they do not charge for their services because they receive referral fees from the facilities in which they refer to. The best referral agencies will talk in depth with the family and/or visit with the senior to assess their needs, wishes and resources. A less than desirable agency will only spit out a list of facilities nearby that will pay them the referral fee, without taking your family's specific needs into mind. A good agency will offer to tour the communities with you and consult with you throughout the entire process of placement. The best agencies will know and have relationships with the staff of the communities they refer to. Online referral agencies simply cannot provide these personalized services which then leads to referrals that aren't helpful and could even be harmful to the resident.

Families have the right to be well informed on their options, so that they may choose a referral agency that will work with their best interests in mind and then subsequently find the very BEST quality care for their loved one. The benefits of using a good referral agency are immeasurable. Having local specialists with years of experience in the industry offers you an insider’s perspective on quality care options. Families can save so much time when they don't have to navigate this process on their own. It is also quite reassuring to have a trustworthy team checking in on the family and helping throughout the entire transition process.

So how does a family go about choosing the best referral agency for their needs?

Here is a list of some possible questions you can ask potential referral agencies:

From where do you receive most of your clients?

How much time do you typically spend with your clients?

How often do you tour communities with your clients?

How do you select the communities to which you refer?

How well do you know the facilities that contract with you?

How many communities do you typically refer to each family?

How often do you check communities to make sure they have no violations with the state?

Do you inform your clients about communities you are not contracted with?

What is your level of experience and/or what are your credentials?

Do you provide any other services that could help us during the transition? (ie: Real Estate)