• Alisha Mancinas

Reasons to buy AND sell during the holidays

You may think that the holidays are a less than desirable time for Real Estate, however there are quite a few smart reasons to to buy OR sell a home during the holiday season.

Some of the reasons to BUY during the holidays...

-You get a realistic view of the home's curb appeal when the weather isn't at it's best. Not as much sunshine or beautiful spring and summer landscape to polish the appearance.

-There is less competition from other buyers. Fewer buyers lessens the chances of getting into a "bidding war" over your dream home.

-Greater accessibility to professionals such as agents, lenders and brokers, as well as inspectors

-Better interest rates on your mortgage loan

-Tax advantages!

- Sellers are motivated (There are tax advantages for them too!)

-Quick closing escrows

Surprisingly, most of these reasons do not contradict each other and many of them actually overlap.

Some of the reasons to SELL during the holidays...

-Ability to show just how warm and cozy your home can feel, and often the ambiance of the neighborhood's lights and holiday decor can help demonstrate this as well.

-Less inventory of houses on the market equals less competition for you

-As the season begins to slow, there is easier access to the necessary Real Estate professionals needed

-Tax advantages!

-Buyers are typically more serious (Hello?! Tax advantages!)

-Quick closing escrows