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  • Alisha Mancinas

Is it time for Assisted Living?

One of the biggest challenges we face as a society today is how to care for our elderly in the best ways possible. Family members often find themselves struggling to provide the care and help their loved one needs without suffering from burnout or illness themselves. It’s emotionally taxing to see a loved one unable to take care of themselves but there is only so much the family can do before it becomes overbearing and inhibits the ability for them to all live a normal life. And the cost of hiring an outside caregiver can add up quickly!

The time will come when a senior can no longer live on their own, so as members of their families, we must help them make those difficult decisions regarding how we handle the situation. The decision on how to move forward is complex and can be quite emotional. Some families agonize over whether to move an aging parent out of their beloved family home to an assisted living community, while others welcome the opportunity to make new friends and stop worrying about things like cooking and cleaning. For most families though, the decision to move is based on the realization that Mom or Dad could really use some help and would benefit from the types of services that assisted living provides. While making the decision can be difficult, the transition is usually smoother when it happens sooner rather than later. This type of move may help keep your loved one healthier, safer and most likely happier. Above all, we really just want the person to be safe and well.

Are you wondering if perhaps your family should start thinking about a loved one making the move to assisted living? Here are some questions to ask yourselves in order to recognize and determine when the time is right.

  • Are they eating healthy meals regularly? Is there fresh, nutritious food in their refrigerator and pantry that is not expired?

  • Are they capable of getting around their home safely? Do they have bruises or scrapes that may indicate they have been getting hurt?

  • Can they bathe and groom themselves adequately? Are they wearing clean clothing when you visit? Are they able to do the laundry and change their linens?

  • Are they remembering to take their medications properly? The correct dosages and at the right times? Warning signs include stockpiled or expired medications, and pill boxes that are not current.

  • Are they able to operate household appliances safely? Do they remember to turn them off when they are finished using them?

  • Do they have a plan in place to call for help in case of an emergency?

  • If they are still driving, are they doing so safely? If they are no longer driving, do they have adequate means of transportation?

  • Are they handling their finances well? Paying their bills on time and opening and disposing of mail in a timely manner?

  • Do they have friends, family or acquaintances with whom they interact with regularly? Do they still engage in any hobbies or activities that they enjoy?

  • When you really look at your loved one, are they still active and vibrant like they were years ago, or do you see a more limited person, perhaps isolated who needs help around the house and with their personal care needs?

If the answer to some of these questions are 'No', please schedule a consultation with our team and we will help you in the process of getting your loved one the care they need and deserve.

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