Messages from families we've helped as well as communities and retirement homes we work with

"Nancy pours her heart and soul into her work and is extremely hardworking and fair and honest."

Jenny O

This is important information. Sadly, it took me back to our journey with our Mother. I researched and studied so hard. I attended conferences and support groups. I had notebooks full of notes and books galore. Every little bit of guidance helped. I was motivated to get the blood test that determines whether you have the gene that turns ALZ on. Thankfully, I do not. Nor do I have lifestyle risk factors that contribute to the emergence of ALZ. None of these things assure that you will escape this fatal condition. Granny Maxine neither drank nor smoked, and it still took her from us. It was also at that time that I met my good friend Nancy Altschuler, who directs Residential Homecare Services, in Fresno. Nancy guided us in placing Mother in a residential care home. But that's not all she did. She answered the phone each time I called. She listened to me cry. She guided me through a very challenging time in our lives. And she remains a good friend. Only now we can talk and commiserate about other life challenges. Thank God for friends.... and gospel music!

Residential Homecare Client

"The team at Residential Home Care Services makes the tedious process of finding an Assisted Living or Memory Care community appropriate for ones needs simplified. They are very resourceful, professional, educated in their field and committed to their clients. They come prepared with all required move in paperwork completed which allows families to focus more on the gentle transition of their loved one moving into a Senior Living community."

Vanessa L

"I have had the opportunity to work with Nancy, David and Alisha with many families this past year. I am very impressed with the way they do business and conduct themselves. It was apparent from the beginning they truly are compassionate and help their families. They listen to their needs and they follow through. A+++ in my book! Has really been a true blessing working with this team."

Samantha W

Their assistance has been very informative, accurate and helpful.  I would recommend Residential Homecare Services to anyone.


Roy L